Stellar Insights: June 14 – 20, 2021


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Stay Bouncy! 

This year’s Saturn/Uranus Square reminds us of the power inherent in staying bouncy, being flexible and adaptive, of keeping our (proverbial and literal) knees bent so that we can be more confident that we can respond to things that occur out of the blue, seeming to appear out of nowhere. We may also find ourselves pulled between the traditional and the innovative, the wisdom of the old guard and that of the vanguard.

Monday is one of the three days in which the Saturn/Uranus Square will be exact (the others = 2/17 and 12/24). That’s not to say that it’s the only day that we may feel it strongly though as it’s active all this year and into next.  That said, the Moon is in Leo on this day, and with that being a fixed sign like Aquarius (the sign that Saturn is in) and Taurus (the sign that Uranus is in), it may be quite activated today. Additionally, as warrior Mars in dynamic Leo gets set to connect with Saturn and Uranus the first week of July, it feels like the energetic of this alignment is quite palpable and activated for the next several weeks. As such, don’t be surprised if you notice a pronounced push/pull between past and future; solid and energetic; conservative and revolutionary; and honoring rules and throwing them by the wayside for a while. Ideally, we can find a way to hold both aspects of these seemingly disparate dyads, weaving them together so as to reduce tension as well as forge innovative possibilities that have firm foundations supporting them. 

All said, remember keep these maxims in mind as you navigate strong Saturn/Uranus Square times:

Consider taking an approach other than your usual. 

Expect the unexpected.

Be open to the out of the blue.

If a detour arises, keep your eyes peeled for new awareness that you would otherwise have not experienced.

See how creativity can be born out of chaos. 

See how powerful pivoting can be.

Own your rebellious side and see how you can constructively channel it. 


Additionally this week, we have Jupiter stationing, set to go retrograde on Sunday. Remember that days before and after a planet appears to shift directions, its energetics appear very loud in the collective. So with a Jupiter station, you may find that there’s a sense of positivity and optimism that permeates the environment. People, yourself included, may find themselves more apt to want to learn and explore, questing to find a larger vista. That said, watch a tendency for excess and an enthusiasm that is effervescent but that has the potential to not honor limits.


Also on Sunday we have the Sun moving into Cancer, which signals the Solstice. A change of season is upon us and with that we may connect to a shift in moods. That’s not surprising notably because for the month when the Sun is in Cancer, we may find ourselves more connected to our moods and emotions. It’s a four-plus-week period of tuning into cycles, nourishing those we cherish, and wanting to defend and protect our progeny and creations.


Happy Solstice to you and yours!


Astrological Highlights

June 14 

Saturn/Uranus Square


June 20

Jupiter Stations Retrograde

Sun enters Cancer (Solstice)


 All days reflection Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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