Stellar Insights: June 21 – 27, 2021


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As Mercury gets set to end it retrograde cycle on Tuesday, it may seem as if we’re in a sea of communications. It may appear like everyone is trying to get everyone’s attention, with an urge to deliver what they perceive to be essential news. Try to walk the delicate fine line of not getting pulled into an undertow of information overload while at the same time being careful to not overlook details that can make a difference in your plans or outlook.


As the week unfolds and Mercury’s apparent direct motion takes on more speed, we may feel that the pause we’ve been experiencing the last several weeks starts to recede. Ideas that have been percolating may feel like they are closer to being forged and on their way to feeling ready to be shared.


That said, don’t rush them if they don’t feel cogently clear. I say this notably because with Neptune shifting retrograde on Friday, the week may have undertones of dreaminess. A fog of unclarity may seem to cloak our thoughts and feelings, while at the same time infusing them with empathy, artistry, and a pull towards the ideal. This may steep us in longing, peel away defenses that keep us from sensitivity, and/or inspire us with hope. And while it can expand our capacity of what’s possible and the aims to which we want to direct our compassionate actions, the haziness that it brings with it may have us feel ungrounded and uncertain. Like everything (and as Neptune reminds us), this too shall pass. And days later, we should find ourselves more confidently able to perceive the beacon in our sightline, able to take the deep understanding that has permeated us the last month and use it to move forward in pursuit of our heartfelt aims.


Astrological Highlights

June 21

Venus/Neptune Trine


June 22

Mercury Stations Direct


June 23

Sun/Jupiter Trine

Venus/Pluto Opposition


June 25

Neptune Stations Retrograde


June 27

Venus enters Leo


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (-7 hours GMT)

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