Stellar Insights: June 28 – July 4, 2021


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On June 11, warrior Mars entered dynamic Leo. And with that, we may be finding that there’s an additional urge to pursue our goals with more vivacity, creativity, and heartfelt wonder. In addition, we could be experiencing ourselves or others either expressing themselves in a bold and unabashed way or, alternatively, carrying forth with a bit of reticence out of concern for wanting to maintain their dignity and not embarrass themselves. Both reflect sides of Leo.


That said, here’s what I’m most interested in when it comes to Mars in Leo right now is this: that it activates the Saturn/Uranus Square that is one of the main astrological hues coloring the kairos of 2021. On July 1, Mars opposes Saturn, and on July 3 it squares Uranus.


A quick reminder: this year we experience a tense alignment, known as a square, between rule-abiding Saturn in future-forward Aquarius and revolutionary Uranus in earthy and practical Taurus. And with that, it may seem as if we’re pulled between the old guard and the vanguard, with what is traditional and what is radical seeming to be redefined at each moment. It’s a period of trying to weave more integrity into structures both by knowing we need to follow agreed-upon principles while also being inventive and open to out-of-the-box solutions. We are called to find a new relationship with consensus, to know when to honor it and when to not have it stagnate improvement and evolution.


This alignment informs and in/forms us all year and into next. I specifically love using ‘inform’ and ‘in/form’ for this alignment given that both Aquarius and Uranus are related to networks through which intelligence can flow and the logistics needed to have them function while Taurus and Saturn honor structures, the mundane, and the feeling of being embodied and in form.


And while this alignment occurs exactly three times in 2021 (February 17, June 14, and December 24), there are times during the year when other planets occupy a certain position (in either Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) and in doing so set the alignment in motion. This happens in July, first with Mars this week and Venus next week (the latter I’ll talk about then). So, Mars + the Saturn/Uranus Square….


It’s a week where things may feel quite hot (both literally and figuratively). A sense of inflammation may feel on the upswing as we try to navigate a balance between seemingly asymmetric desires and/or witness others doing so: on the one hand, wanting/needing to keep the status quo and on the other hand, an urge to shake things up and be inventive.


Stay on usual path or embark upon a new one?

Follow the order set by those in the past or try a new-fangled approach?

Remain together or break apart?

Color in the lines or outside of them?

Focus on the built form or the information that can inform it?

Take a conservative or liberal approach?

Align with the group or exert one’s individuality?


These may be some of the questions that underlie a sense of tension this week. And while the tension may cause irritation, impatience, and anger, if we’re mindful of how we’re being pulled, it may also be a source of creativity and inspiration.

Consider, for example, that the answer may not reside in choosing between the seeming poles, that the or may at times be an illusion, and that it’s possible to pull from both positions. We may find that with a certain mind frame we can actually weave them together.

For example, if we look at things with a beginner’s mind and not make assumptions based upon rote habits, the usual path can actually appear like a new one. Or if, we allow for both an honoring of past tradition yet also stay open to inventiveness, we can create a structure that reveres order while also allowing for improvements based upon recently acquired knowledge. We can take the ors in the questions above and see if we can replace them with ands.

By pulling from both wells, we may not only reduce tension but find a greater sense of freedom that enable us to champion even more successfully for those aims that are inherently important to us individually and collectively. And with that, the meaning of independence—in this week in which Independence Day is celebrated in the U.S.–may shape shift and we may find ourselves experiencing another chapter in our relationship with it.


Astrological Highlights


July 1

Mars/Saturn Opposition


July 3

Mars/Uranus Square


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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