Stellar Insights: June 7 – 13, 2021


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How do I orient when I feel something significant is about to emerge and yet I’m not clear just what it is?


How do I synthesize inputs to craft understanding when I’m uncertain that everything is yet in my view?


How do I communicate a burgeoning idea that is inspiring my curiosity and yet whose shape and form is yet to be fully fleshed out?


How do I let someone know how I’m feeling when, truthfully, I actually don’t really know myself?

These are some of the questions that may be bubbling up for us notably early in the week in the lead-up to Thursday’s Gemini Solar Eclipse.

It’s quite a hazy time: not only are we in the midst of two Eclipses but before Thursday, the Moon is balsamic and therefore if we’re turning to illumination outside of ourselves, it may seem as if we’re wandering around in the dark. Oh, and let’s not forget that Mercury is retrograde in Gemini; not a bad thing, per se, but it does add to things, on the surface, feeling a bit overcast and/or opaque.


The key? Turn inward, give yourself lots of space to contemplate, don’t rush to conclusions, and remember how powerful pausing can be. 


Remember too that while a Solar Eclipse accords with a New Moon and it may usher in fresh starts and new beginnings that oftentimes this accords with the old and outworn being released and surrendered. So, feel into what has reached its expiration date—whether an item, a habit, a belief system, etc.—and see how by letting it go you can make space for what you instinctively know wants to be birthed in this new chapter of your life.


While the nuances of what this Solar Eclipse may inspire for you personally depends upon your birth chart, there are some characteristics of it to which we can all connect. As it’s in Gemini, it ushers in new beginnings related to communication, knowledge access, information gathering, message delivery and/or transportation. What’s really powerful too is that Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Gemini and aligns directly with the Sun and Moon during the Eclipse. As such, this further highlights the clarion call of the time – to know how to know, to understand how to understand, to communicate ways to communicate. Additionally, with all this emphasis on Gemini, we may also find ourselves faced with situations that have us reflecting upon how we can synthesize seeming opposites, how we can marry the anima and animus, how we can create a sacred marriage between factors that seem to be disparate but which truly are just two sides of the same coin. As such, integration—and the pathways that get us there—may be something upon which we may learn a lot and want to focus.


Remembering too that Mercury is retrograde, the past is a reservoir of treasures to be mined to discover deeper understanding. Look back so that you can more clearly look forward.


One place to look back to is 2002, around this same time of the year. The reason: on June 10, 2002, there was also a Solar Eclipse at the same degree in Gemini as this one. As such, not only may have similar themes been emerging collectively but because it highlighted the same area of your astrology chart, looking to see what emerged back then for you may help you give context to what is unfolding and evolving for you right now. This feels true for everyone, yet more notably true if this Eclipse connects to a planet or point (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Nadir, Lunar Nodes, etc.) in your chart as this would signify that what it is inspiring is quite personal. The degree of the Eclipse is 19 Gemini; as such those with planets or points around this degree in this sign—or Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces—may find it to be the most striking.


(If you don’t know your planetary placements, you can run your chart for free here at Also, I’ve opened up a little time this week for Eclipse sessions; if you’d like to schedule one to see how this Eclipse—and the previous one—is inspiring you, send me a note.)


Wishing you peace and ease during this week. Remember too: things are naturally hazy during Eclipses so don’t stress if you can’t find clarity at the moment—it will come in the near future. Don’t rush it, don’t worry. Allow yourself to not know and be confident that that itself is an ingredient for the more full knowing that will soon emerge.


Astrological Highlights

June 10

Gemini Solar Eclipse (New Moon)

Sun/Mercury Conjunction


June 11

Mars enters Leo

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT) 

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