Stellar Insights: May 17 -23, 2021


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Dig in to beauty early this week. Let yourself be absorbed in sensual pleasures, awed by the earth, and charmed by the nuances of nature. Why do I say this (besides from it’s a good thing to actually always turn our attention to)? It’s because the Sun spends it last three-plus days in Taurus early this week, and as it does, it makes a sweet connection to go-deep Pluto. Add to this a dance between values-oriented Venus and make-it-real Saturn and it’s a time to focus on experiences that feel rich as well as those that leave us feeling enriched.

On Thursday, Gemini Season begins, and with that we’re moved to move, to embark upon quests led by our curiosity, and to gather the pollen of information so that we can gain a multivalence of understanding. Remember that Gemini being the sign of the Twins really says a lot about its qualities – as it encourages us to not just stay in one lane but rather to allow ourselves to explore and enjoy a little of this and a little of that. We’re primed to understand that things we would usually see as disparate may actually just be a different side of the same coin as we strive for synthesis and the dissolve of duality. (For more on Gemini’s twin-ness, see this Well + Good article to which I contributed on the subject of the dual signs.)

This year, Gemini Season is also the stage upon which we have our first pair of Eclipses with a Lunar Eclipse on May 26 and a Solar Eclipse on June 10. As you know, Eclipses may occur at a moment but their invitations seem highly present weeks before and after. As such, if you feel that a sea change is upon you, and even if you can’t yet tell where these new winds will take you, that is as it should be, that is often the feeling in Eclipse Season.


The other day as I was speaking with a client about May and June, two words came to me that felt very apropos for this time. These words felt very aligned not only because of the Eclipses but also because there are strong Neptune invitations over the coming weeks (with the dreamy planet making a square to Venus, let alone Mercury several times) and Mercury will go retrograde on May 29, all against a backdrop of variety and variegation that is reflective of Gemini.

Those words are “diffuse” and “un-congealed” (the latter had me envision either a flan or a pudding that usually would set but that was resisting coming together). If we can remember that it may not be the time for things to fully set up in their form, that things may seem dispersive and diluted, and we trust that they will come together soon, we will have the patience and the perspective to move through this time with reduced stress. Additionally, we can also see how allowing for things to be diffuse and un-congealed can inform us as to insights and experiences that educate and inspire us, which we would otherwise discount as not providing anything of value.


That said, with Saturn shifting retrograde on May 23, days before and after that, it’s important to honor structure, revere the fundamentals, and not sidestep the rules. It’s important to dot our I’s and cross our t’s, and not cut corners. If we’ve have recently done the latter, and we experience the consequences for doing so, it’s important to maintain a sense of responsibility and judiciously remedy what has arisen. Strong Saturn times remind us of the power of commitment, the importance of integrity, that time is an ingredient in any recipe, and that hard work is often the winning lottery ticket, allowing us to reap a variety of rewards.

Have a beautiful and inspiring week!

Astrological Highlights

May 17

Sun/Pluto Trine


May 19

Venus/Saturn Trine


May 20

Sun enters Gemini


May 21

Sun/Jupiter Square


May 22

Mercury/Neptune Square


May 23

Saturn Stations Retrograde


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time Zone (- 7 hours GMT)

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