Stellar Insights: May 24 – 30, 2021


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That’s Slow slowed down :-)

Why did I choose to start this week’s Stellar Insights with that? Because going going slow, and really paying attention, may be the winning ticket this week.

The reasons are multi-fold, which itself feels aligned given we’re in Gemini season, a time when variety is in vogue and inspiration comes via a collection of factors.


We begin the week just after Saturn shifted retrograde, which it did on Sunday. And with that, we’re reminded to pay concentrated attention to structures, foundations, and rules and that doing so means being diligent, alert, and not mindlessly moving through tasks. We can see how hard work can pay off in spades and how important patience can be; after all, as we search for the best ways to achieve progress, we again realize that time is an essential ingredient in any recipe.


Another reason to go slow and really pay attention is that Wednesday we have a Lunar Eclipse. There’s a tendency during Eclipse Season for things to seem obscured and unclarified. Yet, just because we’re not fully able to clearly see just where the sea change we’re feeling is leading us, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be present in any haze that we may be perceiving. Being mindful feels notably important given that the Eclipse occurs across the Gemini (Sun) and Sagittarius (Moon) axis. And while feeling stirred in my our mind, both by the inputs we experience in the moment and our visions for the goals we’re placing on the horizon, can be inspiring, it’s important to not let a whirlwind of energy carries us away in such a way that we find ourselves overly revved or overly anxious. This is the first of two Eclipses this season, with the other one being a Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10.

And yet there’s more activated astro action this week, given that Mercury is set to begin its retrograde cycle on Saturday. And with that, as Mercury appears to slow down in the skyscape before its apparent direction pivot, associated archetypes—including about the media, merchants, messengers, transport, bridges, etc.—may seem quite loud in the collective. Plus our nervous energy may be ramped up if we’re trying to pay attention to the flurry of news and bounty of information vying for our attention. Remember that Mercury Retrograde reminds us of the power of the pause, that moving luxuriously—whether in our bodies and/or our minds—brings us the ability to really let insights and wisdom soak in. Once again, go slow and really pay attention to the multivalence of things that cross your path.


This Mercury Retrograde lasts through June 22 and throughout its entirety the messenger planet will be in its home sign of Gemini. Take these weeks to go back over communiques, conversations, and marketing campaigns, seeing the new awareness that can be gained by looking at them from another angle. If you find it frustrating to get your point across during this period, see if there’s not a different way that you can do so than your usual go-to. Once again, our friend patience, comes into play; for example, while you may want to share the news asap about a cool new project you’re developing, yet consider whether putting in some time to re-assess it—and then doing the work necessary to further bolster its strength and reach—won’t but lead to greater progress in the long run.


Find ways to turn out the noise this week while also tuning into yourself. Take time-outs to ground your mind, body, and spirit. And remember that some flower essences that may be handy during Mercury Retrograde include Cosmos (for bridging mind and voice) and Impatiens (for gathering up the resource of patience).


Have a slow and beautiful week!


Astrological Highlights


May 26

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)


May 27

Venus/Neptune Square


May 29

Mercury/Venus Conjunction

Mercury Retrograde


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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