Stellar Insights: May 31 – June 6, 2021


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 Waive, Wave, Waves.



Immersed in the lead-up to next week’s Gemini Solar Eclipse occurring on June 10, we are encouraged to waive and release that which feels outworn. The things, the attitudes, the narratives, the approaches…all that we feel no longer serves us and is getting in our way can be offered and released. Yes, Solar Eclipses are New Moons and accord with a time when seeds are planted and a fresh chapter feels as if it’s ushered in. And yet, for this growth to truly take root, we may find ourselves with an urge to clear the field so that what is about to blossom can truly flourish.



By waiving and relinquishing that which may stymie a new phase of our evolution, we can then more powerfully wave hello to the Solar Eclipse opportunities that are beckoning.  We can greet and embrace these with more space and intentionality, having our resources—our time, attention, will, and dedication—be focused upon what we want to usher in.



This week we have the second of three Mercury/Neptune Squares, this being the only one that features the messenger planet Mercury being in its retrograde cycle. (The one that we already experienced occurred on May 22 and the final one will be on July 6.) With Neptune the planet associated with the sea, we can be guided this week by the theme of waves, watching our thoughts just as if they were the tides, coming in and coming out, consistent in their movement and rife with impermanence.

Focusing on meditative practices this week can be quite beneficial in noticing this, to find a space of distance between yourself and your thoughts so that they don’t carry you off into an undertow of swirling worry or concerns not concretely grounded. It’s also a good time to turn to art, poetry, and your nighttime dreams as well as your daydreaming, tuning into the waves of your intuition and imagination. See how they can inform what you need to waive away so that you can wave in more clarity as to what you want to embrace in your life moving forward as you get ready to wave hello to next week’s Gemini Solar Eclipse.


Astrological Highlights

May 31

Mars/Neptune Trine


June 2

Venus enters Cancer


June 3

Sun/Saturn Trine

Venus/Jupiter Trine


June 5

Mercury/Neptune Square

Mars/Pluto Opposition


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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