The Star

Tarot Card by Card: The Star - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords:  hope, optimism, healing, balance, spirituality, health, well being, peace, wishes, vulnerability, success, balance

Attributes: Aquarius (Air)

General meaning:  The Star card represents renewal and hope. This is the healing and peace that takes place after the storm. Optimism is restored and wishes are being fulfilled.  Things are looking up!  Positive vibes.  You can shed your inhibitions and just be authentically you.  Taking center stage. Fame: baby, you’re a star!

Reversed:  Bummer time.  Debbie Downer.  Hopes diminish and fear takes over.  Depression or illness.  When the Star is reversed, the situation suddenly becomes hopeless.  Stepping back from the limelight.  Fear of being yourself.   Feeling meh…..

Affirmation:  I see the good in myself and in my situation.

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