Let’s see what the energy of the eyes is in astrology. The ancients considered the eyes as “windows” and a mirror of the soul, emitters of the energy of the mind, indicators of the emotional state. That is why it was believed that an intelligent person has “smart” eyes, a healthy person has “beautiful”, and an evil one has “terrible”.


A person’s interest in another can also be determined by an attentive and intent gaze (“look with interest”). Distinguish eyes are calm, sleepy, with expression, meaningless, etc. The stars were also called “windows of the sky”, the eyes of the Universe. Apparently, by analogy with them, the eyes were also compared with the stars. In addition to the two visible ones, there is also a hidden – the third – “eye of intuition” located between the eyebrows.

Much in a person’s personality, his condition, the possibility of contact and the quality of communication can be judged by the eyes. No wonder they say: “look me in the eyes” when they want to know the truth. Energy of the eyes in astrology. Astrologers believe that the Sun controls the right eye of a man, and the Moon controls the left eye; for women, the opposite is true. By the eyes you can judge the degree of health and the severity of the disease. Astrologers most likely determined what kind of energy a person lacks in order to improve his well-being.

The energy of the eyes with red whites and with apples tilted upwards indicates the predominance of the energy of the Tree: they are characteristic of men who are determined, impatient, and hot-tempered. Such eyes in women may indicate her temporary (for example, in a fit of anger) or constant indiscretion, when you can expect “anything” from her.

The meaning of deep-seated, sunken eyes testifies to the lowered energy of the Tree, to which a person belongs according to the horoscope of the Druids. Shiny and deeply seated eyes can indicate secrecy, rancor, sometimes incontinence. Deprived of shine, sunken eyes are more common in people prone to sadness, apathy, depression, pessimism.

The energy of “cloudy”, “dull” eyes is evidence of overwork or illness. If it is permanent, it may be the result of mental disability. Such eyes can be from habitual intoxication: alcohol, nicotine, drugs and other poisons (including industrial ones).

A small pupil is characteristic of people who are restrained, weighing their actions, calculating, having worldly experience and usually prudent. Such eyes are often found in adult men. Pupils in men narrow with increasing age – the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system (in the physical body) and the beginning of yang (in the energy bodies of the body) increase.

Energy of wide pupils

Wide pupils indicate a person with a quick reaction and quick movements, impulsive, quick-tempered and, possibly, quickly irritated, unrestrained. Such eyes are found in women, especially young women, as well as in children of both sexes (predominance of the beginning of den).
With age, the wide pupil in women (when the tone of the sympathetic nervous system prevails in the physical body, and the energy of the beginning of yin in the energy bodies) begins to decrease and after menopause it becomes, like in men.
At the same time, a shift of hormones appears in the blood of women towards men (in both sexes, the adrenal glands produce reciprocal hormones), and women show signs of the beginning of yang: the voice coarsens, antennae and a rare beard begin to grow, the character becomes “masculine” (stubborn, persistent , sharp, conflicting).
To reduce the discomfort in a woman’s body during menopause, it is possible to use medicinal herbs with a predominance of yin onset energy, which at this time is lacking in a woman’s body.


By the size of the eyes, one can judge the degree of activity and the sign of intelligence, however, one should take into account the nationality of a person: persons of Asian nationalities often have narrower eyes than Europeans. What matters is “confusion of kinship.”
Man is an open energy system. Our body not only receives energy, but also emits it itself. We receive mainly informational energy of the external environment through the eyes.
In addition, part of our energy is also emitted by the eyes: radiant, shining, hypnotizing. A person makes completely different impressions when they look away and look at you.

Big eyes
Big eyes are characteristic of the energy of a European person who is in harmony with the world around him, with the Cosmos. He is reasonable, sympathetic to others, soberly evaluates the situation, is distinguished by attention and good memory. Such people often become leaders.
Consideration should be given to the reasons for the abnormal enlargement of the eyes. The above assessment is typical only for a person in an ordinary calm state. The size of the eyes depends on emotional arousal: both from fright (“eyes widened from fear”), and with anger (narrowed eyes), or widened so that a strip of white sclera appears under and above the pupils, these are the eyes of a madman or a person, ” ready for anything. “
But there is an increase in the eyes of a sick person: bulging eyes (exophthalmos) are a sign of an enlarged thyroid gland, and an enlarged one eye may indicate a possible swelling behind the eyeball or in the apex of the lung.

Large, clear, shining eyes are characteristic of an honest and creative nature. Big dreamy eyes testify to a vulnerable and impressionable person who loves art, music, painting, books. These people are prone to exaggeration, sometimes to the detriment of themselves (self-deception), they are a little liar, especially in childhood. They love to talk with a person who understands them, gossip a little, while remaining good-natured. They are touchy and, especially women, tearful.
Normal sized eyes
Normal eyes respond to laughter. Normally, they taper slightly. With illness, this reaction is disturbed. So, the palpebral fissures do not respond to facial expressions of laughter when the thyroid gland is not feeling well, or the palpebral fissure of one eye narrows too much after suffering from neuritis of the facial nerve.
Small round eyes
Small eyes are evidence of poor rapport, impaired memory, and reduced intelligence. Such eyes are not uncommon in mental illness of a hereditary nature, when they are combined with a low, narrow forehead.
If you have small eyes or small eyes, it could be a personality trait or the result of an illness. People with small eyes are often stubborn and self-righteous, withdrawn and vindictive, vindictive (temporary narrowing of the eyes happens with an outbreak of anger or contempt – the predominance of the influence of Saturn).
A decrease in the eyes from excess weight is possible: when the deposition of adipose tissue on the face increases and the cheeks swell, the size of the eyes decreases, – the predominance of the influence of Venus and the Moon. Such people are distinguished by good energy, kindness, complacency and peacefulness, they usually love a joke, are optimists – no wonder one of the kings of Europe surrounded himself with “plump” courtiers, as more benevolent and gentle.
It should not be forgotten that there are no rules without exception. It is necessary to take into account hereditary facial features, except for changes in facial features due to illness (for example, with swelling of the eyelids from allergies or from cardiovascular disease – the predominance of the energy of the Sun and the beginning of Yang).
So, when assessing a specific case, despite the absolute reliability of the information presented above, the reader should be warned about a possible mistake when making hasty decisions, without sufficient observation of the behavior of the person being assessed.

Written by Claudia

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