The influence of the moon on the fatigue of the human body

It happens that you wake up like a bird, with a winged spring on a platoon, and you want to sing and work … but by breakfast it passes. Igor Guberman, himself, probably without suspecting it, guessed a state that is familiar to each of us and is caused by the next body movement of the moon.

It’s amazing, we can relax the whole evening with a book in the bathtub, go to bed long before midnight, and wake up completely broken. Moreover, nightmares at night frighten to hiccups and nervous pruritus. Although, it would seem, nothing foreshadowed … But in fact it foreshadowed – one had only to look at the lunar calendar, and everything would immediately fall into place. That’s about when we can work tirelessly, 14 hours a day, and then briskly run on a date, and when already in the morning, right after morning coffee, we only dream of returning under our favorite blanket, we’ll talk today.

By the way, we are able not only to endure the twists and turns of the Moon and our own body, but also to adapt to the lunar rhythms, making unfavorable days easier and more pleasant. And this, too, we will discuss today.

New moon

During this period, life processes are inhibited in some way, but the nervous system, on the contrary, is in a state of excitement, so we are eager to do everything, get nervous, try to swim against the current, while the situation around us does not dispose to exploits, but insistently urges not to injure our own psyche and do things methodically, moving from one business (occupation) to another. Moreover, it is recommended to take on the next case only when the previous one is completely completed. Do not fuss, make a detailed plan for every day and stick to it, even if at some point you want to throw the “sclerosis” into a corner and do everything differently. This will save you mental strength, keep things in order and help you survive this lunar period without loss. In order for the body not to get tired, it is necessary to eat accordingly. Avoid solid and fatty foods, give preference to liquid cereals, vegetables, fruits, lean fish and poultry. Drink more herbal teas – with mint, chamomile, St. John’s wort. They will not only help cleanse the body, but also relieve nervous tension. But it is better to abstain from alcohol altogether. Alcoholic drinks increase nervous excitement, making it even more difficult for you to control yourself. The most you can afford is a glass of red wine diluted with water a couple of hours before bed. It is a blood medicine and a sedative. And also try to “communicate” with water more. Take a walk by the reservoirs, get yourself a small fountain. You can just hold your hands under running water – this is another way to calm your nerves. By the way, men and women react to a new moon in different ways, so do not be surprised if your beloved responds to your emotional outbursts in a slow manner or does not react at all.

1st quarter

The waxing moon is a period of active action. The processes in the body return to normal, accelerate, giving us energy and strength. It is during this period that we succeed in everything, efficiency increases, fresh ideas come to mind. The brain is saturated with oxygen, it is easy and joyful for it to work. Therefore, it is better to leave the most difficult cases, undertakings and accomplishments for this lunar period. The growing moon gives us the opportunity to program ourselves for the whole lunar month, to give a healthy impetus to business and the body. Therefore, do not be lazy, use the activity given to you by the Moon. Start new projects, wellness treatments, new love relationships. This phase of the moon will allow you to easily cope with all difficulties, you are a priori charged with optimism, and you see the future, if not in pink, then quite in rainbow. By the way, on the growing moon, the body gains not only positive emotions, but also calories – it just needs food as fuel in order for all your affairs to be successful. Through food you get energy, so do not deny yourself fat and sweet. All the same, it will “burn out”, unless, of course, you work fruitfully, and do not spend the entire given phase of the moon on the couch. And also during this period, sports activities are beneficial – they do not tire, but on the contrary – give pleasure and fresh strength. Spring has come, which means that you can safely get out of the fitness rooms into the street – get on the rollers, saddle a bicycle or a real horse, start jogging. All this will add energy and joy to you.

Full moon

The full moon affects everyone in different ways, or rather, we ourselves, adjusting to our character and habits, react differently to the energy of the full moon. Those who are optimistic and lively in life take advantage of the moment for their most important accomplishments, but those who look at life gloomily fall into depression, they are sad, everything annoys them, nothing makes them happy. That is why on the full moon the percentage of suicides, nervous breakdowns and failures of important matters increases. It is very difficult for a pessimistic person to control his emotions, aggravated by the full moon. The best cure for stress and nervous overexcitement is routine but mental work. If you do not belong to vampires, witches and other evil spirits (we are in the full moon expanse), then force yourself to do something that requires the highest concentration of mental abilities – this will distract you from your inner experiences. If your field of activity does not imply intellectual work, then at least get into the habit of solving Japanese crosswords – Sudoku. And most importantly – no exciting doping. Give up not only alcohol (it aggravates an already depressed state), but also coffee, cigarettes, overly strong tea, cola and all kinds of energy drinks. If you find it difficult to live without tonic drinks, then use natural “energy”, for example, eat a banana, celery stalk or a handful of nuts instead of a cup of coffee. Do not overuse drugs on a full moon.

You can take a sedative tablet at night, but only one, but it is better if you replace it with herbal sedative infusions or decoctions.

4th quarter

The waning moon is a difficult lady. We have already spoken about it, nevertheless, I will repeat the most basic thing. The main thing to do in this phase of the moon is to finish all urgent matters, to complete what needs to be completed. And as much as you want to sleep, do not indulge your desires. Otherwise, the “tails” will catch on in the past and prevent you from successfully acting in the future. But even without help, you cannot leave your body – life processes slow down, so the fatigue of the body is manifested more and more every day. So take care of urgent matters during the day, and devote the evening to yourself. Try not to take work in the evening hours, do not stay late at work. Better to walk, look into shops with something beautiful and useless, please yourself with an inexpensive but sweet little thing. And at home, listening to your body, fulfill its desires. If you want to go to bed right away – go to bed, you want to take a bath – fill it with fragrant water and arrange an hour-long “swim”, if you want a hearty dinner – fry potatoes with a huge chop, wash it all down with sweet tea. Of course, if you have not decided to devote the time of the waning moon to diets so effective during this period. In general, do everything to make you feel good, calm and comfortable. You will need strength when the Moon grows again, and you, with the activity of a mad cockroach, begin to create your tomorrow’s life.
As we have seen again, the phases of the moon leave their mark on us. We, like seas and oceans, are subject to ebb and flow, we are stormy during the full moon, and the calm of the waning moon does not allow our sails to win the regatta. Nevertheless, if you approach each lunar period wisely, you can not only neutralize the negative impact, but also multiply the benefits of each phase. So – everything has its time.

Written by Claudia

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