This morning, at 5am Ukraine time, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This is a very serious moment. A major nuclear power attacks a sovereign neighbour.

Here is the chart. It bears unsettling resemblance to the chart of the first shots of WW2 (1 Sep 1939, 4.45am, Danzig), including Venus (the planet of peace!) rising in an earth sign, the Nodes across Taurus-Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus, Mars in late Capricorn. Indeed, Mars, Venus and Pluto are currently transiting that WW2 Mars, the planet of war. The current NN is on the MC of the WW2 chart.

Data from Astrodatabank.


Some situations are too frightening for speculation, so I’ve been unwilling to write about Ukraine until now, because the astrology did not look good. However, we are here, at the beginning of the execution of President Putin’s long-held plan, and the worst has begun to unfold. Ukraine’s democracy is a threat to his dictatorship, and he will attempt to bring the country to its knees. Putin says he has no plans to occupy Ukraine: this is not true. Russia has no plans to stop at invading Ukraine.

Putin’s plan is not just to destroy democracy in neighbouring states and reabsorb them into Russia, but to undermine democracy globally. The invasion of Ukraine is part of a much larger strategy. In the past decade, Russia has undermined elections in the United States and Europe, corrupted politicians, manipulated Britain into Brexit thus weakening the European Union, and funded and trolled both far right and left agitators and activists, pouring fuel on embers that were already smouldering. The propaganda war across the internet has been intense for years.

The coming conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in April suggests the potential for a huge wave of refugees. When these two opposed each other a few years ago, we saw half a million people walk out of the conflict in Syria.

• Nuclear threat
The nuclear aspect is one of the most worrying parts of the astrology. Ukraine has nuclear power plants itself and Russia has an arsenal. By transit, the Lord of the Underworld is currently stimulated by Mars and Venus.

As we are all aware, it is the US Pluto Return. Pluto has, of course, opposed the US Sun and all the other planets in Cancer already, so this has been a prolonged process, but here we are at a crunch point. Pluto represents nuclear energy and weapons. It’s possible that part of the Russian plan is to manipulate the US into a nuclear confrontation. I hope not.

• Land grabs and economic shocks
My colleague Lynn Bell pointed out at the start of the year that the North Node in earthy, possessive Taurus could be associated with land grabs, as it was in WW2 and in the mid 1960s. Taurus/Scorpio is also a financial axis. With the eclipses coming here in spring and autumn we’ll see change.

•Oil, gas, inflation
The cost of living and inflation are coming down the road anyway with the major conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter. But Neptune also rules oil and gas, so expect prices to inflate hugely.

Putin has sent his troops into a country where the citizens are armed to the teeth. It’s horrible if you consider Russia’s invasion of Chechnya, which was a bloodbath and continues to be a mafia-state. Mars is making a conjunction to Vesta, the domestic goddess, this morning, which suggests a fight over the hearth. It’s also a fight between two nations that traditionally see themselves as brothers. These are fellow slavs with a shared culture and language in hand to hand combat. That never stopped the gulags, of course. We may also see more women fighting too.

It’s worth remembering that the aggressor in WW2 was eventually defeated. There’s no reason to think this will end well for Russia in the long term, but not before massive damage can be done.

This is a very sad day. I am praying for peace, and hope that the entry of Mars and Venus into Aquarius in early March may lead to some order being restored, but I fear it is too late now: the die is cast. In reality, these two are going to make a conjunction at 0° Aquarius, the degree that is so important in describing 2020 to 2040. There’s no doubt this is an historical turning point and this action will effect the course of the next two decades.


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