The most infantile signs of the zodiac

Representatives of which zodiac signs are the most infantile, like to throw tantrums and act as if they do not want to grow up.

Aries know how to achieve their goals: they shout, take offense and shout again until the opponent gives up. The representatives of this sign have problems with temperament. They do not know how to restrain emotions, so they often act like children. “Aries are also hot-tempered and immature people who only think of themselves.”

Taurus loves the idea that everyone owes them. And the representatives of this sign, just like kids, hate being ignored and paid no attention. “Infantilism of Taurus can be expressed in touchiness. They practically do not know how to make fun of themselves.”

Cancers are moody and overly emotional people. They are often called “frivolous” because of their unreasonable behavior and frequent tantrums. Cancers quickly get annoyed and offended, so they don’t think twice before saying something that could harm another person.

Pisces live in their own world. They practically don’t care what people think of them. They also don’t care about their roles and responsibilities, which adults should do. Instead, they isolate themselves from reality.

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