The Prime Minister is the Hand of Pluto

Just a quick note to show you the incredible way that astrology is playing out in the chart of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, who has managed to tank the pound, destroy the gilt market, cut taxes for the uber-rich and sink the UK into impossible debt — all in just three weeks. You have to admit, it’s quite a list of achievements. Has she had some cosmic help?

However, the hand of Pluto is at work in a big way. Note that Pluto — corruption, big money, criminality, transformation —  is currently stationing at 26° Capricorn — government, corporations, big banks — about to turn direct on 9 October — when he will march straight out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in March. Without turning back. In other words, he’s in his end-game in Capricorn.

That means he is triggering her T-square precisely. That’s Pluto in Capricorn opposite her Mercury, which is flanked by Saturn (ambition) and the Sun (ego). He’ll continue opposing all that stuff for quite a while as her Sun is at 2°Leo.

Meanwhile, by transit, the Sun at 5° Libra is actually lighting up Truss’ own natal Pluto at 6°. So we’re all getting a good look at her dark side. In fact, the Sun is opposing transiting Jupiter right now — and together those two are highlighting her Vesta-Pluto opposition. Those of you who came to may talk at the West of Scotland Astrological Association last night will know that Vesta (among many other things) is about investment, and in the case of Ms Truss, perhaps, really bad fiscal management.

Right back to the horoscopes!


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