The Q&A ft Victor Olliver

This is my monthly Q&A, this month featuring the inimitable Victor Olliver. Usually these meetings are for members only, but I thought I’d share it with everyone.

If you are interested in Draconic astrology this is the fastest introduction to this technique that you’ll ever get. We talk about Draconic astrology because Victor has just published a book, Chasing the Dragons, on the subject. We also discuss the current sky and generally chat about the cosmic weather. Anne Whitaker pops in too. It was a relaxed affair — as you’ll see I’m positively supine.

If you join the Oxford Astrologer, you’ll be invited to these regular sessions. Mind you, I will be away in July! Usually they are the first Sunday of the month, and I aim to answer questions about the current astrology. However, many of the contributors make pertinent and interesting observations, so it’s more of an open forum on occasion.

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