Three simple secrets of financial astrology

The question of how to get rich has worried a person for many centuries. There are more and more theories and advice. Someone says that you need to actively invest, invest, but from the other end of the room, those who have gone bankrupt are arguing with him. Still others, with a reproach in their eyes, argue that there is never a lot of money and that it’s enough to talk – go to work! So how do you get rich? Financial astrology will tell you about this.

Why doesn’t the standard approach work?

The society mercilessly tries to make everyone the same, offering a universal formula for a happy life: school – institute – work – pension.

But this only works for a small part of people. The rest simply burn through and give their years to the hated work, rosy hopes that someday all this will end, the gray veil of problems, the monotonous routine will move away and from there millions will fly to a person. But old age comes, and with it bitter disappointment.

Financial Astrology Algorithm

No matter how many trainings are held, no matter how many different smart books are published, there is only one conclusion – each of you has his own individual recipe for success and wealth. This is called the money mission, the algorithm for success. After all, if there was a universal key leading to prosperity, this article, like many others, would simply not exist.

The birth chart initially contains a code, a certain algorithm of actions, by performing which a person achieves a result: increasing income, creating a profitable business, reaching a new level of life. Any horoscope has its own key to success. The task of financial astrology is to find this key.

So, within the framework of this article, we will look at the main secrets of financial astrology.

Secret 1. The meaning of the sign at the top of the II house
The zodiac sign at the top of the 2nd house is responsible for the wallet and shows how you need to handle money in order to increase profits: to save, or vice versa, to spend more. Astrologers often ignore this indicator. This is a big mistake.

In financial astrology, the cusp of the 2nd house of the horoscope plays a huge role. It also shows the top areas of potential income.

For example, a cusp in Taurus – the native needs to save, be greedy (within reasonable limits), plan all expenses.

Areas of earnings: beauty, body care, massage, comfort, food, clothing.

Aries cusp – the more he spends, the more money comes in. The native is recommended to take risks and look for quick income from the series: done – received money.

Spheres of earnings: sports, military activities, surgery, weapons, working with metal, ideas and creativity.

As you can see, the two examples are two completely different approaches. Read more about this in the article about the 2nd house of the horoscope.

Secret 2. Consider the planets inside the 2nd sector of the horoscope
Financial astrology looks at every detail. The planets inside the 2nd house show additional sources of income or expenditure, planetary energies, which you must definitely apply in the field of making money. Otherwise, problems will begin.

For example, Neptune is in the second house – the native needs to make money on the spheres of this planet: cosmetics, illusion, photography, mysticism, cinema, music, creativity, esotericism.

Otherwise, Neptune can dilute savings, create unforeseen and confusing situations of financial losses.

A planet in the 2nd house can mean:

Additional source of income
What can harm or help your wallet
Sphere for creating a profitable business
How to treat money so that it grows
Secret 3: Consider Venus and Pluto
Financial astrology distinguishes two main planets – Venus and Pluto. Together they show monetary energy in different states.

By Venus:
banknotes in your pocket,
money on the card,
everything that you can quickly spend
Venus’s position on the map will show you where and how you can make easy pocket money quickly. For example, Venus in Gemini – quick money from writing articles, working with information, light Internet projects.

According to Pluto:
investments, shares and deposits,
money invested in real estate,
everything that can potentially give income
The house that Pluto is in is a potential area of ​​wealth and great opportunity. For example, in Pluto in the 4th house – real estate and the earth, Pluto in the 5th house – creating your own projects or writing a book, Pluto in the 10th house – information business, teaching.

But if the native has not realized the money of Venus and the 2 houses of the horoscope, then the wealth of Pluto is not available to him. One must consciously grow to the level of this planet. Which is a good reason to start changing your life today.

Indicators for winning the lottery in the horoscope
As a bonus, I will give you more formulas for winning a casino or lottery for a large amount of money. Consider the planets related to money and unexpected events (such as winning the lottery):

Venus – as a symbolic indicator of money;
Pluto – indicates huge means;
Jupiter is the planet of luck, which always increases and multiplies everything (elaboration of Jupiter);
Uranus is a planet of surprises and rapid change.
Favorable aspects between these planets, as well as connection in aspects with the Sun and the Moon, indicate the possibility of getting rich, unfavorable ones, on the contrary, to lose finances.

Their location in the necessary houses of the horoscope is important:

1 house – me and how I can act,
2 house of the horoscope – your money,
5th house of the horoscope – the house of excitement,
8th house of the horoscope – other people’s money,
9th house – the house of providence,
11th house is our ideal future.
Forecasting in predictive astrology can show in what period a win is likely to occur. Carefully observe the movement of the transit, directional and progressive planets according to your horoscope. When Uranus and Jupiter transit through the planets and houses where money “lives” in your horoscope, do not miss the moment of exact aspects and act!

If you want to dramatically improve your financial situation, you need to learn how to read your horoscope in its entirety. And this requires a special astrological talent. However, after a couple of minutes you can find out if you have this ability.

Written by Sebastian

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