Virgo Season Podcast: How to Deal with Strange Times


If August has been bonkers for you so far, find out why we believe Uranus is the planet of the surreal, how it’s playing out in real life & when it’s active once again.

A slightly chaotic but exciting month coming up in Virgo season, traditionally the time of the harvest.

Active Mars is in the sign of communication Gemini for an unusually long seven months triggering word (Gemini) power (Mars). Wherever it falls in your horoscope, it’s time to speak up.

And yes, there’s another Mercury retrograde phase beginning on September 10th, the start of an intriguing (confusing?) three weeks.

Add to this a New Moon in Virgo on 27 August, a Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th and there’s a lot to talk about, mull over & digest.

Grab yourself a coffee or a glass of fizz and join us as we reveal what’s coming up in the month ahead and what it means for you.

Links to the podcast or the YouTube version are on the main page here.

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