Many clients ask astrologers about money. They want to know if they will inherit the money or earn it. Let’s find out how to consider your level of wealth in a natal chart.


Income and inheritance are described by the 2nd and 8th houses, respectively. Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in a favorable aspect with Venus and / or Jupiter can bring wealth.

Uranus in aspect with Neptune or Venus can mean some kind of unexpected wealth. I have met people with combinations of these aspects among lottery winners. Neptune is more conducive to the accumulation of funds.

If the client has favorable Neptune / Jupiter conjunctions, then they clearly predict money. The client knows that wealth awaits him, and it comes to him in fact. Faith and hope seem to help you find wealth.

As the natural ruler of the eighth house, Pluto can bring an inheritance. He may indicate a large inheritance. On the maps of many multimillionaires, you can see the conjunctions of Pluto / Jupiter or Pluto / Venus, and very often money goes to such people as an inheritance.

I have a client with a strong Pluto / Jupiter conjunction, and her fortune came to her in a very remarkable way. She worked for a start-up company, and her employer could not pay her salary, so he settled with her in shares of the company.

The business developed rapidly, and in the end the value of the shares owned by her reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is neither getting a fortune by inheritance, nor the typical way to make capital, it is a real big luck. At one point, she turned out to be the highest paid employee in the United States.


I believe that Jupiter in trine with Saturn and even Jupiter in square with Saturn can bring wealth. Often times, if these planets are in Cancer or Capricorn, wealth can come to them in the form of property or real estate. One of my clients has the Sun and Venus in the second house square with Saturn, he has an excellent ability to work hard and is a very disciplined person. In addition, his Sun and Venus are in trine with Jupiter, and often at the right time he is in the right place. It has both favorable and unfavorable aspects, trine and quadrature. Squaring is hard work, tension and drive.

Trine – luck and the ability to take advantage of a good opportunity in time. He made money on real estate through a successful partnership because his Jupiter trine with the Sun and Venus in the seventh house. Hard work has been described by the square of Saturn.


If an astrologer notices the Sun in the second house on the client’s chart in several aspects, this person will definitely make money. Such clients will not be satisfied and develop their individuality until they become rich.

With the Sun in the second house, they are more likely to make money themselves. Planets in the second house indicate activities related to making and spending money.

On the charts of many millionaires, the Sun is in the second house. These are people who work hard to earn money, and I saw how they achieved success in both favorable and unfavorable aspects with the Sun.

The sun in the second house, not forming aspects, means that the client is more limited in his ability to make money than if he had many aspects. It would take a transit or progression with the Sun to activate the ability of any of the planets to make money. The map is a stagnant thing. It shows possibilities, but it takes something to excite, stimulate, revitalize and realize. Transits excite and stimulate them. Without them, the map itself is calm.

When the planets move across the heavens, the non-aspecting Sun will necessarily illuminate some planets with its rays, even if they do not have natal aspects with it.

A person with any planet that does not form aspects does not have access to the energy of this planet as often as if it formed aspects in him. Imagine: whenever a planet is stimulated, all other planets that form aspects with it are stimulated. A series of events take place. The energy of the planets is stimulated by aspects.

Another good incentive for making money is the Sun in one of the corner houses. The Corner Sun must manifest itself openly, and a push will be given for this. The sun in the 1st house can give a person the ability to make a fortune on their own.

This applies to those who have a strong character. If such a person focuses on making money, he will be successful. If the Sun is in the 4th house, fate and family will help that person succeed.

He may inherit a family business, property, or wealth. If the Sun is in the 7th house, success will come through partners, family relationships and patrons.

A person with the Sun in the 10th house will attract many career opportunities. This is a person with great ambitions and the need to rule and have a position in society. For such a person, there is nothing more important than a career.

The eighth house also plays an important role in the acquisition of wealth. This house represents combined finance, equity, taxes, insurance, industry associations, partner money, other people’s money, investments, and inheritance money.

People with this kind of placement can get rich through investment. They can also “marry” or inherit a fortune. If a woman has the Sun in the eighth house, she can get money through her husband or business partner.

Her card can help her husband make money, wealth can come to him in other ways. A person with a weakened fifth house (house of speculation) but a strong eighth house should not invest without prior consultation. I have a client who has a damaged fifth house ruler but a very favorable eighth house. She herself cannot engage in financial speculation.

If she buys shares, then they are not quoted as needed, although the forecasts were very optimistic. However, if she resorts to the help of her eighth house, turning to an investment consultant with a request to manage her money, then she is lucky in the market.


When I make a map and see the planets in 27, 28 or 29 degrees, I take note of this, since such a person can achieve something special in life. I had many clients who had a planet in these degrees, and they are very rich people.

I have many millionaire clients with significant real estate, with the Sun in the 29th degree of Cancer. In one year I had two students in one of my seminars, and both had the Sun in the 29th degree of Cancer (family), and they were lucky to receive a large inheritance.

One student had a family farm and the land was set aside for a commercial project that promoted her to the millionaire category. The second student inherited a Spanish family property and a family business.

I have another multimillionaire client with Saturn in the 29th degree of Capricorn (Capricorn is in the mood for creation and patronizes construction). He started out as a small construction company that has grown into a large international enterprise.

I have met millionaires with planets in the 27th, 28th and 29th degrees in all signs, but most often they are located in earth or watermarks. I have also seen Taurus or Scorpio at 29 degrees indicate bankruptcy.

These two signs can bring two extremes: either colossal wealth or financial disaster. An interesting example of this is Bette Davis. Her Venus and Mars are in the 28th and 29th degrees of Taurus.

After years of success in the film business, she suffered huge financial losses and could not get an acting job. She had to advertise in advertisements to find a job.

The planets at 28 or 29 degrees Leo are approaching the royal fixed star Regulus. This disposition can bring prominence and, among other things, a love of power and success.

I noticed that clients who have such an arrangement of the planets do not necessarily have a large fortune, but they do indeed rotate in very influential circles.

However, the “American queen you” Jackie Onassis had Regulus connected to the Midheaven at the 29th degree of Leo, and she not only moved in the most influential circles, but was also very wealthy. Bill Gates, who made his fortune on computers, has Pluto at 28 degrees Leo, the ruler of his Sun in Scorpio.

The writer Scott Tarow has three planets in late degrees, Saturn at 29 degrees Leo, Jupiter at 29 degrees Capricorn, and Uranus at 27 degrees Gemini. I have a client who has Neptune conjunct Regulus at the 28th degree of Leo in his ninth house, the house of higher knowledge. He studied at Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two of the best universities in the United States.


Some people are just really, really lucky. Those with any Venus-Jupiter aspect fall into this category. They usually marry the rich, inherit capital, create capital or win it.

Their map indicates a similar opportunity, but they can be overwhelmed, over-optimistic, and extravagant.

When these two favorable planets create an aspect in relation to each other, everything goes like clockwork, however, in the absence of restraining aspects, a person may lack drive and incentive to act.

Many of those who contact me want to know if they will be able to win the lottery? I’m always surprised when people ask me this question, because I don’t think winning the lottery is such a big gift of fate.

I have had several clients who have come out on top, and in some cases it has been a nuisance. When you win the lottery, a whole bunch of problems arise.

After you have won, you cannot please your loved ones. Relatives are offended if you do not share part of the winnings with them. (I just can’t figure out why on earth they think they are entitled to this money.) If you give them money, it won’t be enough.

And so on endlessly. However, if the gain is not promised on the natal chart, it will never be. You won’t win anything at all. I looked at my map. There is no indication that I can win because I have no aspect that would promise such luck.

I can win games where skill is required because my Mercury constitutes several favorable aspects (for example, Mercury conjunct the South Node), but I will never win games where luck decides everything.

For me, dropping quarters into slots in slot machines is like throwing them out on the street. It won’t do me anything. I really enjoy playing these kinds of games for fun, but I know that I will never be able to hit a big jackpot in them.

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