Weekly Astrology Forecast – May 15 – 21, 2023

It’s a huge week in the cosmos. Mercury stationing direct is quickly followed by Jupiter’s entry into Taurus. This year-long transit will seek to increase our security as we move forward. However, the moment Jupiter enters its new sign, it’s immediately challenged. Throughout the entire week and into next week, we have a potent T-square in play as Mars entering Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius and squares Jupiter, newly ingressed into Taurus. This is a volatile picture which I spoke more about in my May forecast on YouTube. In mundane settings, there could be an uptick in violence as frustration boils over. It’s time to pick our battles carefully, to confront our personal shadows instead of demonising others. Sometimes, the more we fight for control, the more everything spins out of control, especially if we’re acting from a place of fear. Get clear about what is important before taking action. Ask your guides for direction. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama. Imagine yourself sat by a clear, bubbling river winding its way down the mountain side. Breathe in fresh air. Be still and watch your thoughts as they pass. Used at its best, this T-square offers us the courage to take the risks required so that we can take advantage of new opportunities available to us when the moment strikes.

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15-May-23 Mercury stations direct. Mars trine Neptune. Sun trine Ceres.
Realisations. Feeling the decision in the body. Knowing the right route. Taking action on intuitive prompts. Acts of kindness. Self-care supports the mission.

16-May-23 Jupiter enters Taurus
Financial growth. Increased security. A desire for MORE. Greed.

17-May-23 Mercury square Pallas
A vexing problem. Resolutions flow when we become more playful with life.

18-May-23 Jupiter square Pluto. Sun sextile Neptune
What is given can be taken away. A massive desire for control. Shadows magnified. An opportunity to reclaim your power. Faith in the face of fear.

19-May-23 New Moon in Taurus   . Mercury sextile Saturn
New beginnings in material matters. Sowing seeds of intention to see tangible results for efforts. Taking your ideas seriously. Long term thinking. Consider what can be accomplished with what you already have.

20-May-23 Mars enters    Leo. Sun conjunct Sedna
A spotlight on planetary evolution and Earth’s resources. A strong desire to set goals that include more fun and creativity. Bold action. Taking a gamble.

21-May-23 Mars opposite Pluto. Sun enters Gemini. Sun trine Pluto
Fury. Something is in the way of your goal. Pick your battles carefully. Know what is in your control and what isn’t. Focus on finding the right people and connections to facilitate action. Be open and curious to change rather than forcing life to follow a specific path.

Painting – The Eruption of the Vesuv by Miklos Barabas


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