Weekly Astrology Forecast July 26 – August 1, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

26-Jul-21 Mercury trine Pallas
Wisdom and intellect combined. Communicating an intention for peace.

27-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Ceres
Feed the mind with care.

28-Jul-21 Mercury enters Leo. Jupiter re-enters Aquarius
Creative thinking. A desire to speak up and be heard. Confidence in communication matters. Reviewing what needs to change for growth to occur.

29-Jul-21 Venus square the Nodes. Mars opposite Jupiter. Mars enters Virgo
An important turning point in a relationship or in the process of self-love. Don’t overreact. Work on the details. Put your energies into being of service.

30-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Vesta. Jupiter square Ceres
Mental focus. Bouncing ideas off others helps to work out what is important. Weed out old beliefs that no longer serve your path or allow for diversity and change.

31-Jul-21 Ceres enters Gemini. Last Quarter Moon in Taurus. Sun sextile North Node
Time to tend to the mind. Is the information you consume helpful or harmful? Staying away from the drama without dropping off the map altogether. Consider who your heroes are and what they might represent in your soul’s evolution.

01-Aug-21 Mercury sextile North Node. Mercury conjunct Sun. Mercury opposite Saturn
Listen carefully. Not all roads are blocked. Watch for cosmic signals.

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