Number 30 unites the vibrations of numbers 3 and 0. Number 3 is the energies of communication and self-expression, spontaneity and charm, enthusiasm and abundance, expansion and principles of increase, inspiration and creativity. The number 0 accumulates vibrations and energies of eternity, infinity, exclusivity, wholeness, beginning, continuation and completion at the same time.


The number 0 denotes potential and / or choice, and communicates the need to develop spiritual aspects, as it may be the beginning of a spiritual journey, accompanied by significant uncertainty and uncertainty. In order to get answers to your questions, you need to listen to your intuition and to your higher self.

As you know, 0 enhances the energy and properties of the number with which it is located; in this case, we are talking about number 3. All together this leads to that. That the number 30 is filled with vibrations of the joy of creativity and communication, spiritual awakening and spiritual connection with the source of the Highest wisdom.

Sometimes it may seem that the number 30 is not as lucky as the usual three, but in fact, this is not entirely true. In reality, although those people whose basic numerological set contains the number 30, really have to fight at the beginning of their life, then they manage to achieve significant comfort and a fairly stable financial situation.
If you increasingly begin to meet the number 30 in your life, this may indicate that you are under the auspices of higher powers and will be able to succeed in your main endeavors.
Accept the gifts received with gratitude and do not give up before possible difficulties, live honestly and openly and Positive results will not keep you waiting.

Positive traits of number 30

People who have the number 30 in their basic set of life have a special positive outlook on life and an unrivaled sense of humor. They are very expressive and this allows them to achieve success where a less charming person would inevitably fail.

The number 30 provides them with assistance not only from those around them, but also from public organizations or government institutions. And most importantly, they are very indifferent to material goods and know how to be content with what they have. Quite a rare quality. Negative traits of the number 30

Negative traits of the number 30

The number 30 in the basic set of life of a person will burn to lead to the fact that instead of focusing on performing a specific task, he will spray his energy in many directions at once. As a result, nothing will ever be completed. Another number 30 can endow its carriers with a tendency to selfishness, dictatorship and suppression of weaker people.

Written by Claudia

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