Number 8 resonates with influences and fluctuations in authority and personal power, self-confidence, executive ability, inner strength, professionalism, management, fundamental freedom, success, good judgment, money, finance, wealth. The number 8 is a symbol of perfection, infinity. In mathematics, the infinity symbol is represented by a sign that is nothing more than an inverted 8.


In ancient Egypt, the number 8 was considered a symbol of global balance and cosmic order, and in ancient China it expressed the total number of existing universes. According to Ambroise, the number 8 is the number of the New Testament and the symbol of the cosmic Christ. A symbol of new life, the expected and final Resurrection.

Clement of Alexandria claimed that Christ was placed under the sign 8, which he applied in order to be born again in the future. Followers of Pythagoras considered the number 8 to be a symbol of love and friendship, they called it “the great tetractus”.
And in Ancient Babylon, as well as in Arabia, the number 8 was dedicated to the Sun, which is why they usually decorated the image of the solar disk with eight crossed arms. In Japan, the number 8 still stands for diversity and prosperity. In any belief, this number is very auspicious. Number 8 – the number of Destiny – the Universal Spiritual Law of the interconnection of cause and effect.

Positive traits of number 8

Representation of wealth, abundance and prosperity. The number 8 is a symbol of investment and insight, solvency, high social status, stability, self-confidence. If a person carrying this number in his main set of life takes up his spiritual development in time, he can reach unprecedented heights, become a Master who helps others to achieve perfection, and his reward will be the greatness of the goals achieved.
Such people can be successful in any kind of business, sports and various games. The number 8 forces its speakers to be honest and sincere, sometimes they can be too hot-tempered or harsh, but they quickly move away.

Negative about 8

If a person, whose ruling number is 8, does not carry out the necessary work on self-improvement, then he may suffer from a superiority complex, greed to be tactless and have dictatorial habits.
Sometimes such people are quite cynical, they lack what is commonly called humanity, they may strive to suppress others and demand from them unconditional recognition of their merits.

Written by Sebastian

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