What was the Sun like when you were born?

Now scientists already clearly represent the entire chain of solar-terrestrial connections, leading to magnetic storms, but science is in its infancy to trace the connection between Man and the Sun, “the birth of Man and the Sun”. Only the forties of the last century marked the beginning of statistical data on solar flares in England, Germany and Russia, and 60-70 years of statistics turned out to be a short time for such a giant as the center of the solar system. Scientists and the public already know the eleven-year cycle of solar activity, but it is possible that this cycle is part of the macrocycle – 22, 33, some lean towards the 400-year cycle.

Kiev scientist Alexander Bukalov has compared the dates of birth and death of many people with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. And here’s what turned out. If a person was born at the peak of solar flares, then he dies when there is a calm on the star, and vice versa! This pattern worked 67% of the time. What connection could there be? Bukalov explains: the embryo, as it were, “adapts” to the conditions in which it happened to develop, including the state of the magnetic field. And then, in life, it is more comfortable for him to live in the environment that he “remembered” before birth. And when the “weather” is unusual, the body strains. It gets harder with age. The risk of getting sick and even dying is higher during these periods. According to the scientist, in order to prolong life, it would be useful for everyone to know how the sun behaved on the eve of your birth. So you can calculate your “critical” years and carry out prevention at the right time.

Perhaps people born in different periods of solar activity endure magnetic storms in different ways, and not only … But this is only a hypothesis.


Maximum peak solar activity
Average solar activity
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Written by Sebastian

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