When You Have Many Intercepted Planets in Astrology

​There are many different positions in astrology that can indicate some challenges for you and your life, and one of them is an intercepted planet. 

But, a big difference between intercepted planets and some of the other challenging positions is, you may not realize consciously how much of a problem it is

What is an intercepted planet?

An intercepted planet in your natal chart is a planet in a sign that doesn’t appear on any house cusp (the beginning of a house). Some house systems (methods for determining house placements) don’t have this, like Equal or Whole Sign (since every house is the same size). But the most commonly used house systems of Placidus (the default used on astro.com) and Koch (perhaps most commonly used by astrologers) don’t have houses of equal sizes, so it’s possible to have signs that don’t appear on any house cusp.

What is the impact of an intercepted planet?

Interceptions are cut off energy. Their energy is contained within that house. Any planet that is intercepted, the energy of that planet is not consciously available to you. There is usually a block associated with it (usually tied to the house it’s in or the sign on the cusp of that house).

What if I have more than one intercepted planet?

Having multiple intercepted planets can be especially challenging, One is enough! But when you have 3 or more intercepted planets, that’s a big part of your personality and life that is cut off. It can often feel like there’s a chunk of yourself or your life that just isn’t there, at least in a conscious, obvious way.

How do I use my intercepted planet?

Interceptions operate subconsciously. The blocks are subconscious, and you often use the planetary energy subconsciously. So unlocking the energy consciously means, you need to work on the blocks. 

When you have multiple intercepted planets, it’s usually pretty obvious whatever led to the blocks to everyone else – but maybe not to you! You may not think that whatever led to it was actually as big of a problem as it is. When that’s the case, step one is acknowledging it.

There can be a lack of awareness with multiple interceptions, so being more aware, more realistic, keeping your eyes open, and not letting paranoia, imagination, and insecurity get the better of you is important. It can also be helpful to try to surround yourself with honest (or even blunt) people, not people who hide secrets from you (but that can often be a part of having interceptions, having a lot of people keeping secrets from you!).

Any traumas and abuses you’ve been through, you have to work on. They’re usually the culprit. Acting like it didn’t happen or it wasn’t a big deal – that won’t work. That’ll keep your intercepted energy blocked. If you want to unlock it, you have to face the music. It can be uncomfortable because it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s absolutely necessary.

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