Why Does Venus Fall in Virgo?

Virgo where it’ll stay until August 16. The vibes this transit will bring are quite different from the planet’s former, hornier placement of Leo. In fact, from here on out the more passionate sides of our love lives will be put on the back-burner. But that doesn’t mean all romance is going out the window.
We’re not trying to scare you — we swear — but it turns out that Virgo is Venus’s least favorite sign to be in. In astrology, we call it ‘being in its fall,’ which means that the planet is less than comfortable. Venus in Virgo is not only less flamboyant, but kind of picky and a bit critical.” This may sound off-putting, but it doesn’t mean this transit is impossible to get through. This will make an interesting balance during Leo season and give us a little more wisdom, calm, and discernment, which may come in handy as Leo is typically so dramatic.

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