75 Personal Mantras for you:

Let us celebrate this momentous occasion by adopting the 75 life and personal finance lessons enumerated below for attaining the elusive financial freedom that we all crave:
1) A penny saved is a penny earned.
2) Follow the hierarchy: Earn—->Save—->Spend.
3) Accord due to importance and devote time to money management.
4) Earning is easy, it’s making the earned money work for oneself which demands attention.
5) Invest the savings in financial instruments based on your needs and temperament.
6) Understand your risk appetite.
7) Draw out specific financial goals.
8) Remember – Mutual Funds, there is one for everyone.
9) Attach timelines to goals be it short term, mid-term or long term.
10) Allocate investments to different asset classes to diversify.
11) Nothing happens overnight, be patient.
12) Do not underestimate the magic of compounding.
13) A mutual fund SIP of Rs.1,000/- only per month started 15 years back totals to a whopping Rs.840,000/- today (Based on historic data)
14) Systematic Investment Plans are the best EMI’s one pays.
15) An SIP initiated now will ensure a comfortable future in most cases.
16) Yesterday was the best day to invest, today is the second best.
17) It is never too late to invest in the financial markets.
18) The sooner one starts, the more time one gives to the invested money to produce results.
19) Don’t let your hard earned money get eroded with time due to external factors, instead use it to generate more of it.
20) Life is full of risks and so are mutual funds.
21) Managing one’s risks smartly is the key to financial success.
22) Understand risk vs the return of each asset class before investing
23) Higher the risk, higher the return is the principle in all investments, as in life.
24) Do not follow others, make your own investment path.
25) Your needs are different from your friend’s, do not follow anyone blindly.
26) Learn from the mistakes of others and try to avoid making the same ones.
27) Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how quickly we learn from those that makes the difference.
28) Not trying due to the fear of losing is the biggest mistake one makes.
29) Life isn’t infinite, use time judiciously.
30) Goals keep changing and so should the investment strategy.
31) Dream big and work towards achieving those dreams by investing appropriately.
32) Reading is a habit that will always pay rich dividends.
33) Inculcate the habit of saving in kids.
34) Kids are smart. Teach them early and they will turn out to be better investors than you.
35) Invest time and effort in gaining knowledge in general, it’s benefits are multifold.
36) Attending school is important but learning from your surroundings is critical.
37) Time heals all wounds, have faith.
38) Smile and motivating words when given to others, offer great returns.
39) Spirituality and meditation helps. Give it a try.
40) Health, both physical and mental need regular check-up.
41) Investing in one’s health is of utmost importance. Start today.
42) Choose relevant advise wisely from amongst the noises surrounding us.
43) There is no free lunch, so be prepared to pay the price for freebies on offer.
44) Positive attitude and humility are attributes that will take one far in life.
45) None is perfect but not working towards achieving perfection in whatever one undertakes should not be an option.
46) Time is the biggest asset and is equally possessed by all of us.
47) Our minds are attuned to calculating simple interest, however both investments and relationships work on the principle of compounding.
48) Give time and nurture both of these and the returns will amaze you.
49) Change is the only constant, so change your investment habits and asset classes with time.
50) Understand the concept of time value of money.
51) If savings are not put to work, you will have to work for life.
52) Plans do not always work out but not planning is a sure shot recipe for failure.
53) Keep an emergency fund handy to take care of unplanned expenses.
54) Liquidity in investments is as important as the returns.
55) Haste is waste, but hastening investing will bear sweeter fruits.
56) Debt is one’s enemy. Reduce your debts immediately.
57) Stress reduces efficiency. A debt-free life is a stress-free life.
58) Identify and acknowledge the difference between needs and wants.
59) Be materialistic, but not at the cost of being happy.
60) Inculcate good habits and follow them regularly.
61) Exercising daily and investing regularly is of paramount importance.
62) Honesty in your deeds will reflect in your returns.
63) Time moves faster than we can imagine. Be prepared for the future.
64) Plan for your retirement today.
65) Ensure life in the golden years is financially comfortable.
66) Do not depend on others to help you through the later years in life. Be self-sufficient.
67) Create a corpus for at least 40 years of post-retirement life.
68) Illiquid physical assets might not be the best companions in old age. Plan accordingly.
69) Try and create alternate income sources.
70) A passive income stream is a blessing beyond words.
71) The right to financial freedom is for us to attain. The sooner, the better.
72) Long-term wealth creation is a by-product of disciplined investing. Go for it.
73) Monitoring the value of your investments daily is akin to watching trees grow. Plant the seed, water it regularly and have patience.
74) Taking advice on any subject from a professional has never been a bad idea. Do not shy away from it.
75) Visit a doctor for health issues, a lawyer for a legal opinion and a financial advisor for investment advice.

20 Financial Freedom mantras specifically for you.

1. You are a money magnet.
2. Money flows freely to me.
3. I release all resistance to attracting money. I am worthy of a positive cashflow.
4. There is always more than enough money in my life.
5. I naturally attract good fortune.
6. I am financially free.
7. My income exceeds my expenses.
8. I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge.
9. I have a positive relationship to money and know how to spend it wisely.
10. My income increases constantly.
11. I am wealthy in more ways than one.
12. My job/business allows me to live the life I desire.
13. I am connected to the universal supply of money.
14. I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way.
15. Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.
16. I can look at my finances without fear.
17. I choose to live a rich and full life.
18. I give myself permission to prosper and grow.
19. I am worthy of all the richness I desire.
20. I have the power to create the success and build the wealth I desire.

Personal Traits to Focus on for Career – for you and your friends!

List of Career Horoscopes

In this section, we set out the twelve signs of the zodiac – if you don’t know your star sign find the one that correlates with your birthday – and give a few key personality traits, along with some careers that might suit those born under that sign.

March 21st – April 19th
• Highly competitive
• Bold
• Natural leader
• Intuitive
• Impatient
Possible career matches:
• Manager
• Business owner/entrepreneur
• Police officer
• A role in HR

April 20th – May 20th
• Organized
• Thrives on stability and routine
• Productive
• Thorough
• Appreciates aesthetics
Possible career matches:
• Financial advisor
• Accountant
• Architect
• Designer

May 21st – June 20th
• Excellent communicator
• Sociable
• Curious
• Rejects excessive structure and routine
Possible career matches:
• Teacher
• Public speaker
• Politician
• Self-employed

June 21st – July 22nd
• Sensitive
• Caring
• Highly tuned to the needs of others
• Thrives on having a sense of purpose
Possible career matches:
• Healthcare worker
• Teacher
• Childcare worker
• Social entrepreneur

July 23rd – Aug 22nd
• Loves the spotlight
• Highly creative
• Ego-driven
• Generous
• Strong sense of pride
Possible career matches:
• Senator
• Musician
• Actor

August 23rd – September 22nd
• Organized
• Detail-oriented
• Hard-working
• Perfectionist
• Not an instinctive leader
Possible career matches:
• Writer
• Editor
• Scientific researcher
• Healthcare worker

September 23rd – October 22nd
• Charming
• Capable
• Passionate
• Wide-ranging interests
• Strong persuasive skills
Possible career matches:
• Musician
• Film-maker
• Lawyer
• Government official

October 23rd – November 21st
• Good at keeping secrets
• Pushes boundaries
• Persuasive
• Determined
• Idealistic
Possible career matches:
• Surgeon
• Therapist
• Crisis management
• Chief financial officer

November 22nd – December 21st
• Adventurous
• Seeks out excitement and fresh challenges
• Life and soul of the party
• Restless
• Compassionate for others
Possible career matches:
• Teacher
• Pilot
• Tour operator
• Travel journalist

December 22nd – January 19th
• Strong work ethic
• Good willpower
• Comfortable taking on responsability
• Pragmatic
• Attracted to stability
Possible career matches:
• Engineer
• Manager
• Administrator
• Architect

January 20th – February 18th
• Curious
• Intellectual
• Progressive
• Innovative
• Focuses on the big picture
Possible career matches:
• Software developer
• Entrepreneur
• Photographer
• Graphic designer

February 19th – March 20th
• Imaginative
• Observant
• Highly empathetic
• Ability to connect with others
• Values purpose over financial gain
Possible career matches:
• Therapist
• Psychologist
• Doctor
• Artist

Almost everyone knows someone who radiates positivity. They’re the ones who naturally draw others in and make people feel at ease. While it may be effortless for some to channel the peaceful outlook, for others, it takes practice, and that’s okay. The energy you give off not only determines your interactions with other people, it also speaks to how you’re feeling about yourself.


It’s one of those skills that’s definitely worth practicing. When you begin to shift your mindset, you’ll start to witness all sorts of amazing opportunities come your way, and you’ll start feeling a whole lot lighter as well. Here’s how to channel positive energy from the inside out:


  1. Make Yourself a Priority

If you feel good about yourself, it’ll be much easier to project that inner contentment into the world. Look after yourself and make it a habit to do those little self-care things that make you feel good. It’ll make a big difference in the way you carry yourself.


  1. Remember What’s Fact and What’s a Thought

We’re human, so we’ll have less than flattering thoughts about ourselves sometimes. What we can do is rewire ourselves to separate fact from thought. A fact would be: I had a difficult conversation with my coworker. And the thought? The coworker thinks differently of me now. Focusing on the facts helps keep things in perspective and prevents you from manifesting those negative thoughts.


  1. Be Kind to Yourself

When you’re feeling down, recognize and honor your thoughts. Try and be kind to yourself. Whether this means reciting your favorite mantra over and over again, or making an effort to treat yourself with compassion, just like you would a friend.


  1. Use Positive Words

Saying, I’m grateful for…, I am willing to…, I’d love to learn…, etc. will take you a long way. The way we communicate directly impacts the energy we give off, so using words like love, solution, happy, secure, etc. will channel a more cheerful outlook.


  1. Smile More

It’s a small action that can make a big difference. Even if the smile isn’t all that genuine at first, you’ll start feeling better, become friendlier, and appear more outgoing to others, which will attract the positive energy you want.


  1. Practice Gratitude

There are dozens of ways to go about this. You could make a list each day of what you’re most grateful for, you could express these thoughts to yourself, share them with a friend, etc. Reminding ourselves to express gratitude for the good things we have in our life makes us feel more appreciative.


  1. Work Towards Accomplishing a Goal

Working towards and then achieving your goals is a massive confidence booster. Others around you will pick up on your empowerment and see that you value and believe in yourself and your dreams.


  1. See Others in a Flattering Light

When you’re speaking with someone, think of the things you love or appreciate about them. They’ll feel the positive vibes you’re directing towards them, channel that same energy themselves, and maybe even reflect it back towards you.


  1. Give Compliments

Showing you appreciate someone serves two purposes; it makes them and you feel good, and we all deserve those feelings. Start acknowledging when someone does something you admire and compliment them to create an instant boost in your mood.


  1. Live in the Moment

Put your phone away when you’re grabbing lunch with a friend, or turn the TV off when you’re cooking yourself a nice meal. Distractions prevent us from living in the moment and savoring even the most seemingly mundane tasks.


  1. Practice Good Posture

Your posture is an excellent nonverbal indication of how you feel about yourself. Stand, or sit up straight, unfold your arms, and open up your shoulders to send signals that you’re approachable.


  1. Be More Generous

Tip the waiter more, hold the door open for the person behind you, offer to help your roommate with a task, surprise your partner by cleaning the apartment, leave a kind note for a friend or a coworker. When you’re generous to those around you, you’ll nice a definite shift in the atmosphere and in the energy you attract.


  1. Practice Good Faith

This isn’t about religion, it’s about knowing that the energy you give off is what you’ll attract. If someone upset you, don’t lash out. Take the time you need to calm down and constructively address it, or let step aside and refocus your attention. Take care of yourself, focus on gratitude, being kind to others, working hard, and surrounding yourself with positive influences. Keep your frequency high, and you’ll project the positive energy you desire.


Since ancient times, man has always tried to preserve his own safety in the face of aspects of everyday life that seemed dark and inexplicable to him.


Always terrified of the idea of death, a man tried to cling with all his strength to objects and materials that would help him not only to “delay” the moment of his passing, but also to distance himself and his loved ones from any form of disease and malice.


Talismans are objects capable of driving away bad luck in all its forms, and of guaranteeing serenity of soul and peace for their owners. They include gems or simple stones, necklaces, coins, statues, illustrations, pendants, rings, plants, animals… basically any item that sparks safety, joy, and good vibes can become a talisman.

Make sure you print this and keep this with or you framed at your house.


Fold the sheet in four and insert it in the cloth bag together with the magnet and the three copper coins.

Place the three golden candles around the bag.

Immediately after midnight on a Wednesday, light the three golden candles one by one, saying: “In one form or another I invite luck to make this talisman and its profound content sacred and lucky. My luck. My hope. My becoming. So be it.“

Let the candles burn out.

Keep the talisman with you, and bring it with you for a special presentation or event when you need some extra support from luck!

With all my friendship and protection,