Zodiac signs who are the easiest to go through parting

Leos are born with such self-confidence that they are unlikely to come back after parting. Representatives of this sign quickly leave, because they feel that their self-esteem is much more important than returning to an ex-partner. “Having broken up with Leo, be sure that they will no longer think about you,” the astrologer notes. “Therefore, do not even try to return to Leo. He will not answer your calls.”

Aquarius is another zodiac sign that takes breakups very seriously. They know how to move on and not show others their weak side. “Aquarians never return to their exes and show almost no feelings,” explains Yashasvi Shaktavat. Representatives of this sign like to be independent. They can tolerate conflicts, so after breaking up they will behave as if nothing happened.

Sagittarius is hard to break. Self-respect is their main shield that they carry with them. After the breakup, Sagittarians quickly leave, because they cannot stand being rejected, hated, or when they are treated with disdain. They also love to have fun, be free and connect with people that make them happy. “So, if you are not on their list of important people, it’s time to say goodbye and never look back,” the astrologer advises.
For Taurus, relationships are stability, security and loyalty. If the romance has died out, then the representatives of this sign are unlikely to ignite again. Taurus believe that everything happens for a reason. “Therefore, if the relationship does not work out, they will prefer to look for someone else with whom they will stay.”

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