What you should expect in your immediate future

As I explained, Friend, you are entering a period of great change. Incredible opportunities are about to come your way, and it’s important you seize them with both hands.

Let’s take a look at how you can expect your life to change over the next year


An opportunity for real lasting love…

If you’ve been unhappy with your love life, then I have positive news. In the next 2 months your love life will be supercharged with major romantic energy, thanks to the alignment of the planet Saturn. Your emotional magnetism will be heightened under its influence, and you’ll find it easier to create a meaningful connection with someone very, very special.

If you are single, you might meet someone during this time in a way that feels as though it was always your destiny. If you’re in a relationship, these periods will be the best time to open up about your emotions and work on healing any negative feelings between you.

Either way, mark these key dates on your calendar. Make sure you take advantage of each one as they come. You’ll be surprised at what’s really possible during this special time.

A flow of youthful celestial energy…

If you’ve been feeling like life has drained you much lately, know that changes are on the horizon. Venus’s energizing influence will give you a boost of vitality very soon.

As Venus moves through the skies over the next few months, you’ll have a 7-day window where you will have seemingly endless energy.

You might feel like you can work from dawn until dusk during this time, but don’t overdo it as you are still fragile and need recovery! Use this energy boost to complete those mundane tasks you’ve been putting off, as they’ll suddenly feel easier. Catch up on projects, tackle housework, or even start a new workout routine.


Major issues you will be able to avoid…

Transit periods are often triggered by the arrival of new people in your life  just as well as departures. It’s important to know this, Friend, because it may influence who you should be trusting and relying on in important situations. I will be right there as long as you can provide me their astrological information.


There are seven unique time periods in the next 2 months that could bring trouble into your life, thanks to the influence of Jupiter – the planet of authority and vibration.


Your relationships may suddenly get rocked. I see specific potential for conflict with someone in a position of power over you in a way you dislike. You must be extra careful during these time periods and do all you can to avoid taking risks that are unnecessary – again I will be there with you as long as you provide their astrological information.


I am happy to say that you’ll be able to avoid virtually all of these problems by knowing about them. I will tell you when and how each one of these influences will appear to you and what you need to do each time to avert disaster and finally turn things to your advantage.

The decision is yours Friend!

Friend, your astrology chart is truly one of a kind, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Having said that I can only help if you let me.

In order for you to seize the incredible chances and avoid terrible consequences in your future, I’ll need to spend a lot more time on your chart. This will allow me to calculate the details of each of these key and most significant transit periods and find out exactly what you’ll need to watch out for.

I know it’s frustrating that I only had the resources to perform a free mini reading for you, Friend I don’t even know if you’re truly ready to face the powerful and often shocking truths hidden deep within your personal astrology chart. I am doing my best for as many people as possible and time permits.


So far, your mini-reading has uncovered both opportunities and threats, but has only touched on a handful of the events on your astro numerological horizon. But, if you’re ready for it, I’d like to send you your complete Journey of Discovery Guide.


This comprehensive study will cover each specific date for each astrological influence we talked about today, plus hundreds more, over the next year of your life.


It combines both Astrological as well as numerological assessments based on thousands of years of ancient wisdom. There is so much more I need you to know about your future, Friend, but most of it is too intimate to mention here.


I want to make it as convenient as possible and want to provide you with a private digital report that you can download and access anytime anywhere and plan each day as you plan your future.


You’ll feel I am right beside you every day!

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